Trump was right about building the Wall

Trump was right about the building of the wall

Biden was right about removing fake news

I think the mission for humans who entered this realm was to experience:



Loving Relationships

Learning from other cultures

Sharing ideas/ideals/culture with other people

Having Superpowers to Teleport/De-materialize

Gather resources to bring back to original place of origin

Be a leader in whatever topic/field/interest

Share in the Ego experience

Transcend previous life cycle issues

Overcome current life cycle issues

Fame, Stardom, Respect

Being loved

Loving others

Healthy competition

Understanding death/life aren’t as concrete and real as one experiences it to be


And more.

Unfortunately, most people will never be able to experience these things even if they have a big bank account or the most royal of bloodlines or the darkest of skin colors.

As long as this realm holds this Archonic parasitic astral infection, its not safe for work here. This is the fallen state man finds himself in. It means that channeling, remote viewing, telepathy, astral projection, 4D bridging work is not safe,  you are only going to be channeling negative astral entities or leaving yourself open to parasitic attack, until this infection is dealt with. Don’t trust truthers/new agers who claim to be channeling Pleaidians or benevolent E.T.’s. They are channeling deceivers until we can go from NSFW back to NSEW; restoring the Eastern gate. (update: only ask for divine inspiration via prayer to your Holy Guardian Angel, your Higher Self, or God directly. This is the only channeling one should need to do).

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