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thoughts for the novel I’ve been working on:
if you found out that each day of your life you were living a false reality, how would you react?
would you accept yourself?
could you accept yourself?
what if you were being created a vision by creating a story then actually providing all the props for you to create the story through sensation based frequencies that respond in like-and-quality of the physical world, yet if chemicals were induced into the blood stream, you would see the world through the minds of consciousness?
what if all the things you learned was a layered encoded reality filled with frequencies that resonate with your subconsciousness?
what if programs in the computer world simluation were encoded based on negative and positive programs that interacted with other and then spread out into the universe in order to make the unverse what it is today?
what if you owned all the media companies and coud dictate how to control a population by using subconscious programming?
what if people you didn’t get along with were zapped with emf emp radio frequencies and that is why all parties involved in harassment/gang-stalking/following people around/keeping tabs were also zapped with advanced satellites at birth and didn’t know it?
what if you could have someone else win the lottery for you while accepting karmic debt and bloodline liabilities?
what if people were generous more to the world and the virtual world?
what if people created happy moments for other people?
how would you deal with other people who are unaware?
what if everyone you knew was lying to you through using words, then using a satellite to control your thoughts which project back out onto our world through the same simluational realities as everyone else?
would you be able to see how people respond?
what if you lived in your subconsciousmind?
how do you listen to the wind?
do you hear with only your ears or can you hear with your eyes?
do you understand about dream state, frequencies while awake, emotional intelligence?=
what if you could break through all the programming and regain your clarity about yourself and to the world?
what if your world was a reverse mirror encoded by frequencies that create physical sensation based realities such as a chair and an encoded word for that actually created the chair through the etheric which is our thoughts and then have it be created by something/someone/somebody/etheric beings/or even more scientifically speaking, using those encoded words as computer programs, that create, that frequency, so then our subconscious mind and our conscious mind, would see it as because of the computer programs were spoke?
what if you could accept these facts as fundamental facts of your subconsciousness and conscious parts of your brain that dictate and create your 3d reality, in both the interdimensional sense (meaning specifically, our life was really a thought world with sensations as well as etheric based elemental powers)(specifically when stating elemental, you have to understand that everything is interidmensional, even in the virtual world and our human biology are based on elements which are chemicals)(virtual world meaning, radio frequencies are able to create the sensation just as well as the reality)
being able to duck and dodge elemental powers because of being in tune of our surroundings, there are parts of the world that allow us to gain the geographic natural based sensations as well as liberting our consciousness.
Having a way to determine our thoughts are based on the way other people resonate with the words you speak when you communicate your thoughts. Using computer programs as theory, as well as standard fundation to build upon, would allow us to use words, as spells, that create future based realities, to come to us through the same radio towers that create those, nightmare-ish type programs. That when under heavy influence of those kind of programs, you can actually create that better reality?
What if you could lead yourself to your higher self through typing on a screen?
What if your lower self was following you around?
These and more things are to come about reality shape shifting chaning frequencies and realities all by simply doing as paying attention to these

As a News Alert: I suggest everyone travel from their homes to other places at a 1 to 1 hour and mix it up randomly.

Spy Games for Hard War
Spy Games for Soft War

A computer programmers guide to understanding how to navigate the virtual world as well as the clarity about communication to allow you to stabilize your life. The reality is called our own personal/private/professional/individual/consciousness life.

However, the reality is, there is a virtual world game being played out and this novel here is to share you with the important factors required to navigate the etheric based biologically scientific human life we are living through, and to understand the factors required to navigate the mirror image virtual world that is being projected onto all of us through satellite frequencies. These types of topics are very hush hush and as it should be, there are real life under personas to protect all parties while at the same time, to provide a stepping stone to keep people safe in their communities. The novel herein is the beginning aspects of a novel, or in fact the first of many series to come. I hope you enjoy.

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