investigators and forms of classification of investigations by intelligence sss – automateking

the following are examples of real world investigations that occur and the factors associated with understanding the human species, human psychology, artificial intelligence, military intelligence, medical intelligence and all forms of properly understanding one’s self own subconscious programming being reflected back onto one’s self because of interdimensional interplanetary construct that beings/entities/humans/males/females/she-males/he-shes/transgender/animal consciousness/mind consciousness/nature’s consciousness experience through a 3d dimensional reality/living/experience/construct/mind/particles of energies floating through the air/fire/water/land/orbits/planets/stars/elements


⦁ upbringing
⦁ home conditions
⦁ living conditions
⦁ educational clarity
⦁ educational comprehension
⦁ understanding how to place employees based on controlling them from birth to younger developmental stages to elderly age groups
⦁ social interactions
⦁ digital interactions
⦁ solitary experiences
⦁ placing items on the street whether valuable or non-valuable
⦁ placing items on people who purchase it and it is registered through a state/organization/group of people that use frequency based programming on the airwaves to change the look/feel/color/imagery of that item that was purchased
⦁ birthing process (natural and/or used artificial means for impregnation/delivery) emotional connections of the mother/father of child/children
⦁ music selections/preferences/likes/dislikes
⦁ music selection and outcome from specific music
⦁ music selection and outcome from specific music lyrics
⦁ frequency induced coma
⦁ frequency induced happiness
⦁ frequency induced sadness
⦁ frequency induced anger
⦁ frequency induced emotions and actual outcome in way of productivity
⦁ effects of frequency induction and long term affects/effects
⦁ ones self understanding outside of their upbringing to determine how to handle another being while never once having understood the psychology of another and the long term affects/effects on the ones self dna activation/generational skipping/generational unskipping/ascension processes/de-ascension processes
⦁ admiralty law
⦁ trust law
⦁ copyright law
⦁ any previous infractions
⦁ any previous violations committing against said individual
⦁ any self inflicted violations
⦁ any self inflicted harm
⦁ harm caused by sound
⦁ harm caused by imagery
⦁ understanding human potential and the value of long term sustainability versus be salvaged
⦁ understanding human potential and the value of short term sustainability versus be salvaged
⦁ saving a salvaged vessel from further harm
⦁ aboriginal status
⦁ original status
⦁ military status without any former military contractual signatures or prints
⦁ original personnel status
⦁ aboriginal personnel protection versus regularly placed species
⦁ demographic of social circle of individual
⦁ demographic of the circle’s upbringing and educational level
⦁ technological understanding
⦁ individual self esteem versus self esteem of a group of people
⦁ using groups of people to commit crimes to disable their higher brain functioning by way of injecting liabilities through commercial contracts onto the individual associated with the group/organization/individual
⦁ using group texting means to control the individuals of a group/organization
⦁ mental health
⦁ day to day recordings
⦁ day to day observations
⦁ day to day interactions
⦁ using a.i. to communicate with other humans to understand them as individuals
⦁ using a.i. to communicate with other humans to understand them as an component to other departments
⦁ using a.i. to communicate with other humans to understand them as counterparts of other strategies for take-overs and conquests
⦁ fulfilling a a.i. controlled human’s ego to their demise
⦁ fulfilling a a.i. controlled human’s ego to their ascension
⦁ fulfilling a a.i. controlled human’s ego to their balancing of emotional state of mind
⦁ psychic powers of individual
⦁ telepathic powers of individual
⦁ clarity of articulation of the individuals self’s understanding of who she/he/it isto that other the people around other people
⦁ understanding the psychology of a group of human with males and females
⦁ understanding the psychology to create realities and experiences for other people based on the words that inputted on a screen or in a form of art based on sound frequencies
⦁ understanding how frequencies work on human brain functions and interacting with relationships with remote frequencies inputted into their smart devices and transmitting and recording/observing the data from that
⦁ understand how human psychology can be dormant for over 100 years even when provided truthful information versus fabricated ideas input through a radio tower having transmitted radio frequencies
⦁ knowing the proper sequence of words to create a physicals frequency based environment
⦁ what words to say that trigger a mind to make change for one’s betterment

these are all forms of investigative work and processes that go into determining the species and developing species into a higher/better form of being/consciousness/mind/experiencer/dreamer ;
there are about hundred+ more factors that go into understanding psyches, potentiality, classification of individuals/groups/organizations/employees/officers/citizens/authorities/offices/kings/queens/impostors/clones/a.i.-based-human-embryo/semen frequencies/ovary frequencies and all personnel/species required for strategizing how to elevate/de-elevate individual/group/national/state/local/country/ collective/individual consciousness/mind and activating/deactivating dormant biological dna cells.

visit often and share for expanding the consciousness of humanity

you have problems in your life – sharing this will activate parts of your life that registers/signals/commands with a super computer that puts you in alignment with the master key of your own life (it is better than cbd and thc and dmt)

people did or didn’t see the other side of the veil

people know or don’t know, they were hoodwinked (talking to all humans/men/women/children/youth), yet can’t explain it

I have personally have not consumed drugs like dmt or pay-o-d however, my thoughts and mind sound as someone who has been on a trip. I can now feel how the people in the amazon feel and those who visit to try pay-o-d ; they come back from their trip; crying bc they were able to see their own ego fears/ego sadness ego/happiness and then the rest of their societies based on their lineage/bloodline/dna cells/subconscious mind, that activate when proper chemicals absorb into their bloodstream/brain/heart/dna cells; i get these kinds of thoughts on a daily basis and that is being with a mansion or with a cardboard box to sleep on outside;

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