ClipsReel.IO – The E-commerce Affiliate’s Magic Button!

Oh MY GOD, they actually developed a software I had been thinking about for the past 5 years!!!

So it is literally about being able to provide the video viewers with the content they are planning on buying, then having your affiliate link in place so they can click on it from there. Think about how many times you click on a link in the description after watching the video?

Now imagine that you have tons of views and a link that leads to your affiliate offer or your product page or your amazon product page or etc. !!! Can you say, a sales day?

What does it do? You put in Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Walmart and others, URL into the ClipsReel Software. The software will then create a video which you can edit, you’ll an option to export your video (Facebook, YouTube, or download) and deploy your video for massive traffic and profits!

Now for how to make this software work for you? It will take a daily consistent effort promoting your video to people who are interested. But no worries, you can join product related groups and offer the video for free (just drop a link) and if people are interested in your TITLE TAG and your actual Video, they will watch and if they are interested and ready to purchase, they’ll click on the link in your description and purchase.


I think that your social media groups will find that some of the videos will be generic, so make sure you add valuable content that other video producers aren’t providing, this way you can stand out from the crowd of millions of publishers.


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