Apology: Specifically,

Public Apology:


i, advise people worldwide to respect themselves and see others as themselves like a mirror based reality lest you know something more;

i, advise people worldwide accept/respect/recognize publicly and privately the following types of people/countries/nations/states/tribes/villages/clans: India, Afghanistan, Iran, Korea, China, Pakistan, Taliban and people who are/have brown skin

Watch this video(s): artifical-intelligence.mp4 & darpa.mp4


i, advises humans/humanity to accept higher consciousness

i, advise humans/humanity to accept truth

there will be a certain number of people worldwide who refuse these words, which is why more of the light beings will not be returning to “earth” until at a later time.

watch this video of angel saving man (based on truth) (faster than speed of light)

In Ft. Lauderdale, a woman was crossing the street while looking at her phone and I was about to cross.  I then seen a truck about to hit the woman who was into her phone, I had my headphones on and I had to yell at the TOP OF LUNGS, “WATCH OUT!!!” She shook out of her phone conversation and had to run across before the truck hit her.  Luckily, between her running and me yelling, she didn’t get hti. I ran to the woman to let her know to pay attention and remember my face because there are good people out here, however, remember to pay attention, I just saved your life.

During a bus ride two months ago, a older man was standing on the stairs waiting to depart, the bus made a stop suddenly and the man lost his balance and was about to fall onto the ground in front of my seat.  I was literally thinking about hundred different things about life, death, mind control tactics, how to protect myself, how to protect humans, how to figure out how to better my life, then as soon as I seen him fall, it was something out of a movie, I moved my arms and hands in some sort of fast-motion, and, I was able to grab his arm and back from landing on the hard surface of the bus floor.   Personally, I think he was zapped with a nanobot airwave technological particle that caused him to fall and not the sudden stop of the bus. I told him, “Hey man, you have to be careful, I guess it was a good catch and good relief.”


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