Let’s Talk About Spanish PPC

As digital marketers, we have all been there — stuck on what to do next and trying to reinvent the wheel. We know what it is like to run out of ideas, to try every strategy, to test every new feature until we get to that point where we have done it all. And then what?

A new way to enable video key moments in Search

Since video key moments first launched in 2019, we’ve continued to expand and improve the
feature. Today, we’re launching a new way for you to enable key moments for videos on your
site, without the effort of manually labeling each segment.

Highlight your customer support methods in Google Search

Customers are often looking for ways to contact businesses, and Google works to show the best
available information to help them in a variety of ways whenever we can. You can help
us with this by following several best practices that help ensure we’re showing the most
accurate information for your business or service.